What's Available to Students at Huntsville?


  • Five elementary classes: Kindergarten, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, and grades 4/5
  • Elementary classes are grouped flexibly according to current understanding / skill level, rather than age. This gives students the opportunity to get the reading,writing and math supports they need to form strong foundations for future learning.
  • Lunch intramurals for students in grades 3-5 once a week
  • Reading buddies between older and younger students (K-7)
  • Opportunities to assist with leadership activities 
  • Monthly student celebrations


Jr. High

  • Two homeroom classes: 6/7 and 8/9
  • Specialized instruction in STEM (Math / Science) and Humanities (LA / Social) 
  • Lunch intramurals for each homeroom group once a week
  • Increased use of technology for academic purposes
  • Leadership block on Fridays where students support the school community
  • Athletic opportunities such as the Small Schools' Volleyball and Soccer Tournaments
  • Huntsville volleyball / soccer tournaments
  • 6/7 curling


High School

  • Distance learning programming for students in grades 10-12 
  • Flexible hours spent at school
  • Support from a team of teachers
  • Athletic opportunities


  • Mindful Mondays - relaxation Mondays at lunch
  • Huntsville Herald - Thursday Newspaper Club at lunch
  • Computer Club - Fridays at lunch