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Huntsville's New and Improved Website

Our website will now be used as a primary means of communication between the school and its community, parents, students, and teachers. Future newsletters and notices will be posted to the website as well as teacher contact information.


Some exciting new features coming to the Huntsville website in the near future:

Huntsville Herald

This will be a student created website and newspaper fully inspired, designed, and written by a group of Huntsville's dedicated leadership students. These students pay attention to what's going on in and around the school all week long, then volunteer their lunch time every Thursday. Students interested in signing up for the newspaper should see Mrs. Gruninger at recess before November 8th. 


Digital Newsletter

The traditional paper newsletter will become less common as we transition to a digital version. Parents, students and teachers will be able to easily access information about what has been going on in each class / what to expect in the upcoming month, right from our website. We will continue to include  information  from Alberta Health Services and recommend you continue to review the digital newsletter. 


Teacher Websites

Teachers will have the opportunity to create personal websites with  updates, course information, and links that will guide students directly to educational sites being used by their teacher. These will be most useful to jr./sr. high students who have access to internet at home as it will allow them to catch up on missed materials if they are away from school.   

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