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Palliser's Student Leadership Conference

Blue Team Presentation

On November 14th, leadership students from Huntsville travelled to the University of Lethbridge for Palliser's Student Leadership Conference. Members of the high school leadership team prepared a presentation for fellow Palliser students about what healthy eating looks like and why it is so important for students. The goal of the leadership conference is to give students the opportunity to learn from each other in a hands on, interactive setting. So in addition to the Blue Team members who presented at the event, we were also able to send ten jr./sr. high students to the university to take part in this memorable event. Students who attended will be encouraged to participate and share their thoughts regarding efforts to improve health and wellness here at Huntsville and they are great resources for students who have questions about these topics. Feel free to approach our Blue Team members to ask them about their experience or about any health / wellness questions you may have! 



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