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“Courageous Enough to Knock”

Our Huntsville Graduation class of 2020 selected the quote, “The doors will be opened to those courageous enough to knock.” as their graduation theme. This quote speaks strongly to experiences of each of our three graduates as each faced their own challenges in ‘knocking on the doors’ of opportunity. 

As a tribute to our old school building, the three graduates salvaged a vintage door from the soon-to-be-demolished old Huntsville School, and used it as canvas for their graduation art piece.  The door features the quote, pictures of their high school experiences, and personalized news articles that highlight their graduation journeys. 

The door was featured in the ‘front lawn graduation’ event, and was a fantastic backdrop for graduation photo opportunities on the evening of our June 24th celebration.

The long term plan is to display the 2020 Graduation Door in the new school as a form of time capsule celebrating Huntsville’s High School successes. 

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